venerdì 7 settembre 2012

LUCA EMANUELI for NEW CONCORDIA ISLAND Contest /// Unpublished drawings and images of the shipwreck available after registration \\\


a clarification the distinction between natural and artificial is not useful. arguments focused on the dichotomy between these terms only lead to confusion. talking about nature, the conclusions of the reasoning becomes too often an act of faith.

with the semi-sunken Concordia at the Giglio island we are faced with a new landscape, an altered environment due to the accident, the result of an error, and in front of which, even if we presume its removal, the most predictable scenario, we are forced to think about. beyond what will be the destiny of the wreck (the removal of the error without a trace, then the recovery and recycling; the wreck as part of the landscape, and the displacement of the problem, namely the wreck) anyway the environment, never static and immutable, is affected by a sudden and violent change, and the temporary presence of the Concordia opens the reasoning on possible operating methods of interventions and programming to be approached, on an environmental scale, with a pragmatic attitude.

potentially, even if in a temporary form, it's an hypernatural environment.

for hypernatural environments we mean artificial environments that generate new landscapes, new sustainable habitats, radicals scenarios of growth. interventions whose aims are extremely pragmatic and so exasperated that blend and structure new relationships with the environment.

the scale makes visible the transformation of the territory, seen as an opportunity to think about new environments suspended between natural and artificial, uncommon landscapes, where it is possible to experiment new approaches. without fear of the materials used, but exploiting and directing their possible interactions to initiate more sustainable processes, with lower impact, where nature and time play a leading role and they are not a banal background or an immutable context to preserve or restore.

an environment is hypernatural when this process is designed, programmed in time with the awareness that the interaction with nature leads to the unpredictability of some results that may, however, create new scenarios. time acts on the environment that can not degrade but only evolve.

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